Real names of Pakistani celebs unveiled

WEB DESK: Thought you had every bit of info about your “dearest” celebs? Well, the irony is that you might not even be sure about their “original”names.

Celebrities round the globe are usually in a practice of using  hip screen names which go with their image.

Here’s a list of 9 Pakistani celebrities who stay in the spot light yet many  fans are not even aware of their real names.

1. Reema KhanPakistani glamorous actress, Reema Khan’s real name is Samina Khan. Reema is only her on-stage name.

2. Veena Malik


‘Much publicized’ controversial  figure, Veena Malik’s real name is  Zahida Malik – is her on- screen pseudonym.

3. Sami Khan


Pakistani TV star, Sami Khan’s real name is too lengthy. It’s  Mansoor Aslam Khan Niazi. Sounds too weird right? Sami Khan is way better.

4. Shaan Shahid


Did you know that the heart of Pakistani cinema,Shaan Shahid wasn’t always Shaan? Even I didn’t. His original name is Armaghan Shahid!

5. Aiza Khan


Our very cute and graceful, Aiza Khan is also not Aiza other than on screen.Her  actual name  is Kinza Khan.

6. Saba Qamar


Did you know who  Sabahat Qamar Zaman is?She is the heart throb of lolly wood.Can you make a guess? I am sure you can’t .She is none other than your beloved Saba Qamar.

7. Nabeel Zafar


Though every Pakistani knows him as “Nabeel of Bulbulay”, his parents had named him Nadeem Zafar.

8. Noor


Once always in “the spot light” actress, Noor is actually Sonia Mughal. May be she  wanted her name to sound “cute” and “short.”

9. Meera


Our favorite “Meera jee”  was also not  ” Meera” by birth. She has also changed her birth name  Irtiza Rubab to Meera. I guess all her fame owes much to this name change.