Pakistan Stock Exchange plunges to a 1200 points low

KARACHI: Trading at the Pakistan Stock Exchange started slow on Monday as the KSE-100 index recorded a low of 1200 points.

Just over an hour after the start of the session, the KSE-100 took a 1,214-point nosedive from 31,001.49 to 29787.27 ─ a drop of 3.91 per cent.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange was formerly divided into the Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore stock exchange.

It was shared that 20 percent of the stock exchange shares will be sold to the public, 40 percent shares will be sold to foreign investors and 40 percent shares have already been sold.


Breaking Date: 18-01-2016Breaking Is :: Pakistan Stock Exchange Mein Karobaar K Aghaz Mein Shadeed Mandi (Reported By Safdar Abbas )

Posted by AAJ Breaking News on Sunday, 17 January 2016