Nisar Khuhro apologises for smoking in assembly

KARACHI: Sindh’s Senior Minister for Education Nisar Khuhro has on Friday apologized for smoking in the Sindh Assembly, Aaj News reported.

Khuhro extended apology to the House on Friday. He said he had quit smoking, however tension had forced him to lit one unintentionally after the session had concluded. “So, I later walked out of the assembly with the lit ciggarette.”

Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani said he had also left smoking three months ago and smoking in the assembly was immoral.

The minister was on Tuesday seen openly smoking the sanctity of the House in the air. He said he should not have done that.

A TV footage had showed Nisar Khuhro lighting a cigarette and smoking it casually while he was surrounded by members of the assembly.