New technique for developing nano devices at way low cost

Researchers of MIT have established new ways to build micro electro-mechanical systems at comparatively extremely low cost.

The business of micro electro-mechanical systems were about 12$ billion in 2014 and were overlapped by the hand-held devices like accelerometer which used to fix screens of phones.

The traditional way to manufacture MEMS was too costly because of semi-conductor’s fabrications and there were no market to recover the invested capital.

In replacement of that MIT researchers are experimenting new technology to get over budget outburst.

MIT researcher’s offers 2 papers, describing the experiment of MEMS based a gas sensor that does the same work in sophisticated manner with a desktop device with commercial sensors built in same traditional production line.

They also showed the picture that demonstrates central component of the desktop fabrication device that can be easily built with the 3d printer.


The researchers were able to produce the gas sensor components at a fraction of their usual cost by eliminating the most expensive elements of production, namely high temperatures and vacuums. “The additive manufacturing we’re doing is based on low temperature and no vacuum,” says Luis Fernando

“When we started designing them, we didn’t know anything,” Velásquez-García explained. “But at the end of the week, we had maybe 15 generations of devices, where each design worked better than the previous versions.”

The 3D printers allow researchers to make most essential and expensive component emitter with the same performance as the other alternative have in a matter of hours, and can be build for any purpose which makes it more constructive. But further for mass fabrications it needs to be proved reliable statically because it has been seen many of the new technologies emerged as the byproduct of 3D printing but not has been proved as reliable product.