Miami zoo mourns oldest known tree kangaroo

MIAMI: Miami is mourning the death of its beloved tree kangaroo Patty, 27, which had to be euthanized Wednesday after developing various ailments related to old age.

“At over 27 years old, Patty was the longest living Matchie’s tree kangaroo in recorded history — a record that was celebrated this past October,” officials at the Zoo Miami said in a statement.

Patty was a top draw at the zoo, one of this city’s most popular attractions.

The adorable marsupial attained a measure of fame after taking up painting, a pastime she pursued by clutching a brush in her nimble paws.

“Unfortunately, her extremely advanced age had begun to take its toll on her and she recently began to lose her appetite as well as significant weight,” said officials, who added that Patty also had developed mobility problems.

“The difficult decision was made to euthanize her today,” zoo officials said.

Matchie’s tree kangaroos are considered an endangered species in their native Papua New Guinea.