Kajol disappointed at viewers’ response

WEB DESK: Bollywood actress Kajol is known as one of the most finest actresses of Bollywood industry. She has played leading roles in several blockbusters. However, she had taken a long break of five years to re-appear in leading role of Dilwale. There is something she is disappointed at.

Kajol is not happy with the response of audience for Dilwale.

While talking to Indian media, Kajol expressed her frustration and said she had many hopes from this movie. “I am not happy with the response of audience, means we can’t entertain our audience.”

Dilwale, made under the direction of Rohit Shetty, was expected to break all the previous records, but the movie could not leave a long lasting impression in the war of box office. The movie only earned 3500 crore all around the world.

Kajol said before this movie director Sujhay Ghosh offered her Durgha Rani Singh but she prefered Rohit’s Dilwale.

As per news, now Sujhay Ghosh has contacted with Ashwarya Rai and Vidya Balan for Durgha Rani Singh.
Before this Shahrukh Khan had also accepted that Dilwale failed to entertain filmgoers unexpectedly.