Intra-institution dialogue necessary to sort-out issues: Raza Rabbani

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani on Saturday stressed the need for intra-institution dialogue to sort-out issues in amicable way.

Talking to TV channel, he said, “Every institution should work within its constitutional limits.”

About the question of more province in the country, he said, “Personally, I am not in favor of more provinces”, adding in 1973 constitution Upper House (Senate) was constituted to safeguard interests of smaller federating units and representation of smaller and regional political parties in the house of federation (Senate).”

About the rights of small provinces, he said Council of Common Interest was constituted under the 18th amendment in which all four chief ministers were given power to formulate and regulate polices.

He said that one meeting of CCI was made mandatary within 90 days for discussion on important national issues.

Replying to question, Raza Rabbani opposed direct election of senators as it would be against the concept and spirit of 1973 constitution. He said that Presidential system was tried in the past but it failed to deliver.

He said that country was facing difficulties because the country was passing through transition period. He said that politicians should have moral courage to accept their mistakes made in the past.

He said that corruption was a major problem in the country and stressed the need to take effective measures to eliminate this menace.

Chairman Senate said that judicial commission should be constituted to investigate major incidents of terrorism in the country.

He said that solution to all problems lies in the continuity of the democratic system and strengthening of institutions.

To a question, he said that local government was now provincial subject and each province had been given power to make legislation in this regard.