India welcomes arrests in Pakistan

WEB DESK: India welcomed the arrest of suspected militants of an Islamist organisation in Pakistan. Suspected militants from the banned Jaish-e-Mohammad had been detained in raids across different cities, the office of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Wednesday.

India had provided Pakistan with “actionable evidence” and was waiting for Pakistan’s response, Swarup said after the Pathankot attack. “We note the apprehension of Jaish-e-Mohammed members. It is an important and positive first step,” Swarup said Thursday.

Asked why the talks had been deferred, Swarup said the foreign secretaries may have felt it would be better to have wide-ranging talks “slightly away” from the shadow of the Pathankot attack and its aftermath.

The Pakistan Foreign office would like to send an investigation team to visit Pathankot, which India would welcome and support by provide Indian investigators, Swarup said. India had no information regarding the arrest of Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Azhar Masood, according to Swarup. “Pakistan is on the right path we hope Pakistan will take the right steps,” Swarup said.