Four ways to lose weight with fun!

WEB DESK: Whenever we think about losing a few pounds, the first image to hit our heads is that of starvation, heavy exercise and cramps all over. Whereas losing weight can also be a lot of fun.


Beats from disco music are irresistible! You automatically get up and feel like moving your limbs to the tune. You can use this to your advantage and purchase a bhangra mix CD to spend an hour a day just dancing.


Skip the Pilates, pushups and extensive running. Jump to badminton! It’s great for stretching, moving, bending and also helps lose a bucket load of calories. Most importantly, it never bores you.


Gather your friends and head out to the park to play Frisbee. All the throwing, catching and running really helps your body come into shape.


100 steps backwards are equal to 1000 steps forward! It’s already famous in Europe and Japan for being an exciting way to spend time, while trimming our bodies to perfection.

Source: Lux