Facebook vs. ISIS: Inside the tech giant’s anti-terror strategy

WEB DESK: Facebook allegedly under pressure to crack down on Islamic State militants using its network, has quietly ramped up its efforts to block terrorist messages and videos in what some experts say is a potentially significant move by the Silicon Valley giant, Yahoo reported.

“If there is a terror attack that happens in the world, and somebody shares even a news report of that and says, ‘I think this is wonderful,’ or they’re mocking the victims or celebrating what has happened, that violates our policies and we’ll remove it,” said Monica Bickert, a former federal prosecutor who serves as Facebook’s top content cop.

Facebook has set up what amounts to its own counter terrorism squad, with at least five offices around the world and scores of specialists fluent in several dozen languages.

“The notion that social media companies can or should scrub their platforms of all potentially terrorist-related content” not only is ‘unrealistic,’ but could also ‘sweep’ in protected speech and turn the social media companies into a wing of the national security state,” Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, ACLU lawyer Hugh Handeyside wrote a blistering critique of what he viewed as the potential dangers on the widely read Just Security blog.

Source: Yahoo News