Employees protest against Superintendent Mardan Jail

MARDAN: Employees of Central prison Mardan staged protest against the prison superintendent inside the prison in Mardan, for allegedly cutting medical and conveyance allowance of the jail employees here on Monday. Protest strike was led by Arif Raza employee of central jail Protesters accused Shahjehan Khan Superintendent central jail and said that on the behest of jail superintendent medical and conveyance allowances are cut from their salaries.

Protesters also accused that jail superintendent also cut electricity bill from the salaries of the employees living at jail barracks. The strike continued for more than two hours inside the prison. The protesters by force stopped the visitors visiting the prison to meet the prisoners and also stopped “chalans” due to which the people visiting the prison and the prisoners presented before the courts face a lot of problems. Later on prison superintendent Shahjhan Khan and other official arranged negotiation with the protesters and insure them that their demands will be solved. Later on the protesters dispersed peacefully.

source: Business Recorder