Art show highlights memories of disasters, terrorism


ISLAMABAD: Amnesia – a two person art show by Sundeep Kumar and Syed Arsalan Naqvi was put on display here Wednesday to highlight the heart wrenching memories of disaster, terrorism, calamity and poverty.

Both artists highlight different aspects of the trying times which every one witnessed either closely or from a distance and it is a tribute to the unsung heroes of Pakistan. “An attempt to show them we haven’t forgotten them. We celebrate their bravery and valor and feel their pain,” said Zara Sajid, curator of the show.

“As the viewers will browse through this series, each piece of art will speak to them. The feelings it evokes is what will fulfil the purpose of this show. It is cathartic and it teaches us lessons we should
not forget,” she said.

Syed Arsalan Naqvi was born in Hyderabad and received his art education from Khana e Farhang Iran Hyderabad. The young artist has been showing locally and internationally in group and solo shows.

“My artistic journey has touched many street children in Pakistan.

The innocence, vulnerability and suffering is what I capture and portray through my work. It is an attempt to immortalize their dark childhood memories and bring forward a segment of society not many are willing to talk about or give attention to,” says Arsalan about his work.

Sundeep Kumar hails from Islamkot, Tharparkar. He selected painting as his major subject as his favorite medium to express ideas.

His work is about the coins and the dates depicted on them which take him back to the memories he experienced and heard from his elders.

“The coins are just a currency for the people but for me, they always fascinated me, its metallic colors and low relief have always been enticing. The coins and the yearly dates depicted on coins had a great meaning to me and always take me back to the memories, both experienced and told by my elders. I have changed the size of the coins to give a meaning to the visuals and to share my memories with public at large. My work consist of round surfaces, I defaced the coins and swapped it with my memories,” Sundeep said.

The show continues till January 22 at My Art World.