8 Pakistani celebs and their high-profile fathers

WEB DESK: Children often aspire to adopt the profession of their parents, especially that of their fathers. We have witnessed  numerous such examples in the domain of our very own showbiz industry.

Here we have listed 8  Pakistani celebrities who seemed to have inherited the art of acting from their celebrity dads:

1.Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustafa with father Salahuddin Tunio

Fahad Mustafa  is the son of Sindhi actor Salahuddin Tunio and both of them have proven their talent to the entertainment industry by giving flawless performances.

2. Yasir Nawaz


Yasir Nawaz with father Fareed Nawaz Baloch

Been born to the famous Pakistani television actor Fareed Nawaz Baloch, Yasir Nawaz is one of the most capable actors of the showbiz industry.

3. Nida Yasir


Nida Yasir with father Kazim Pasha

Actor and host Nida Yasir is the daughter of Kazim Pasha, who had been a famous TV director of his time.

4. Iman Ali


Iman Ali with father Abid Ali

The super model and actress  Iman Ali is the talented daughter of  veteran actor Abid Ali.

5.Sarmat Khoosat


Sarmad Khoosat with father Irfan Khoosat

Learning the minute principles of acting and direction from his father Irfan Khoosat, Sarmad is now one of the leading directors of Lollywood industry.

6.Sawera Nadeem


Sawera Nadeem with father Shahid Nadeem

The owner of Ajoka theatre Shahid Nadeem is the father of famous and well known TV actress Sawera Nadeem.

7. Momal Sheikh


Momal Sheikh with Father Javed Sheikh

Very well-know papa and daughter indeed.  Momal Sheikh has no worries of getting her hands on various projects at a time with the immense support of Javed Sheikh.

8. Shehroz Subzwari

Shehroz Subzwari with father Behroz Subzwari

Shehroz Subzwari with father Behroz Subzwari

Actor Shehroze Sbzwari is the talented and enthusiastic son of veteran actor Behroz Subzwari.