55 Afghans among 159 held in search operation

PESHAWAR: At least 159 suspects including 55 Afghan nationals were apprehended during search operation in Peshawar here on Sunday.

According to details, the security personnel carried out raids in the areas of Qazi Qillay, Hashtnagri and Karkhano Market during which, as many as 159 suspects were arrested. The officers stated that 55 Afghans were also among the detainees. The nabbed people were unable to provide their identity and documents related to their residence in the country, police said.

The officers have also confiscated huge cache of weapons from the possession of the suspects. The senior police official stated that the action is giving positive outcomes as dozens of terrorists and criminals have been held so far. He said that stern action will be continued until the end of last terrorism from the state.

The search operations in Peshawar came after four terrorists stormed Bacha Khan University on January 20, killing 21 lives including a PhD scholar.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed “ruthless” reaction to the second major attack on Pakistan’s education system while interior ministry took steps in the matter and developed a close collaboration among intelligence and law enforcement agencies to counter insurgencies.

Source: Business Recorder