Shaista Lodhi celebrates birthday with Thalassemia patients

KARACHI: Renowned morning show host Shaista Lodhi has celebrated her birthday with small kids suffering from Thalassemia disease.

Shaista Lodhi’s little daughter Eeman Wahidi also accompanied her to Make A Wish Foundation office in Karachi, where dozens of Thalassemia kids were gathered to meet the television celebrity.

Before cake-cutting ceremony Lodhi had a candid rendezvous with the kids where she asked them about their birthdays and their plans to celebrate it. Shaista’s daughter also mingled with the kids and joined her mom in celebrating her birthday with small children of her age.

“We often throw glamorous birthday parties for our friends and family members but we never care about the people who can’t enjoy such luxurious. To make my birthday special I planned to step out of my home and spend a day with kids who don’t get privilege within their family because of their medical condition,” she said while talking to media at the event.

After the cake-cutting ceremony Lodhi distributed special gifts to the Thalassemia kids and also took pictures with them. To present special gift items was an effort from Lodhi’s side to fulfill the longed due wishes of ailing kids. She gave doll house, remote control car, mobile phones and other expensive toys to fulfill kids’ wishes. She also shared her birthday cake with the small kids who came to celebrate her special day.

Having associated with the medical field Lodhi holds special place in her heart for poor ailing kids. The morning show host has been maintaining a low-profile since her comeback on television but it has been her love for kids that she has stepped out to celebrate her birthday in a non-glamorous event.