Men dominate the internet world in Pakistan, study

KARACHI: Young men under age bracket of 25 years, dominate the internet world with 91.52% mobile internet users, according to a study by UC Browser ‘Mobile Internet Use Study’.

UCWeb Inc. is a business within Alibaba Group’s mobile business division which aims to provide better internet experience. According to the press release, UC Browser has attained 33.76% monthly page view market share this October in Pakistan after its dominance in China, India and Indonesia. This means 1 out of every 3 mobile pages views in Pakistan is through UC Browser.

Only 8.42% population is female which uses internet through UC Browser. As per, 14.6% of Pakistan’s total population accessed the internet in December 2014.

The study reveals that nearly two out of three internet users consume the internet for three hours approximately in which most percentage of people play around their phone, watch TV, talk with friends and family, and read books.

The trend reflected through internet consumption is that social networking is ‘twice’ the usage of information searching. Favorite content among the users in Pakistan is cricket and entertainment with Facebook , Google and Youtube leading on social networking front.