Is your husband jealous of you?

WEB DESK: Sometimes, even the most encouraging partner can turn into a reluctant supporter – simply because your new found confidence (from a promotion or losing excess weight, for example) makes him feel insecure.

But exactly why does your man sabotage your road to success? It could be his unhealthy view of love, which involves “helping” you to behave in a way he thinks is right. He might also be engaging in a power struggle and needs you to look up to him.

A third reason is his low self-esteem – by sabotaging you, he thinks he’s levelling the playing field. Finally, he may want to maintain the status quo, and fears that the relationship will sour if you change.


1. He buys you your favourite foods to tempt you when you want to lose weight.

2. He discourages you from exercising.

3. He acts insulted when you don’t finish his home-cooked meals.

4. He makes you feel guilty for not spending enough time with him.

5. He discourages you from taking on added work responsibilities, claiming that he’s concerned for your well-being.

6. He dismisses the importance of your work.


1. Address his fears and reassure him about your love for and commitment to him.

2. Help him understand the qualities you admire about him.

3. Include him in your project of change, like losing weight together, or when making financial decisions, especially if you earn more than he does.

4. Give him ideas on how he can show his love and support for you in a positive manner

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