I will never work in Bollywood: Ayesha Khan

WEB DESK:  The stunning Pakistani actress, Ayesha Khan recently revealed while talking in a  morning show that unlike her co-actors, she has no plans to work in Bollywood.

Ayesha said: “I have set certain boundaries for myself that will never allow me to work in Bollywood. The films that I did here in Pakistan were within those limits which I have set for myself but Bollywood is different. I am not criticizing the actors who have worked there, everyone has their own standards.”


The gorgeous JPNA actress also said that she had visited India once to shoot an advertisement but she never met anyone there.

She also stated  that Pakistani artist  who act in Bollywood,“will always be outsiders, they will never have the kind of support system we have here in Pakistan.”


The talented actress who has gripped the audience with her heartening performances on TV and in a few Pakistani films said that she would always want to be known as a drama actor.

She said,“My favorite medium has always been television. It is really sad that the quality of scripts of dramas has really gone down. The reason for that is that the writers are not writing the scripts themselves. Their names are on the script but their assistants or helpers write the script.”


Ayesha Khan is still seen in dramas even though she is not satisfied with the kind of soaps and serials that are being produced these days. The reason she said is: “I am very passionate about acting that is why I can’t do without working in dramas. But it is sad when you have to do the same thing over and over again because you don’t have a choice.”

It seems that it’s not just the viewers who are sick of the monotonous story lines  of the Pakistani dramas but talented actors like Ayesha Khan also share the same feeling. Both the viewers and actors desire to see some change.