‘House of Lolz’ take on Paris Attack going viral

WEB DESK: A group of comedians from Islamabad ‘House of Lolz’ released a video which takes a quip on widely accepted mindset that Muslims are to blame for terrorism.

Solidarity for Paris Attack victims has been pouring in around the world. Yet at the same time debate on whether to let refugeesd in Europe or not has started.

The video has been going viral in Pakistan and in international media. It has been watched for more than 800,000 times. This video was also picked up by CNN.


Thank you for taking this message to everyone! The video has finally started reaching people in Europe and they’ve started sharing it too. Lets show the world that we will always respond to hate with love!

Posted by House of Lolz on Monday, 16 November 2015

“We would like to talk about the recent Paris attacks,” they begin. “As you all may know, on the 13th of November the French capital saw barbaric acts of terror and we’d like you to know that we’re just as shocked and horrified as everyone else around the world.”

“We can’t possibly be held responsible for the actions of a few deranged individuals who somehow claim to be like us. Let me just put that into perspective for you. That’s like blaming all Germans for the actions of Hitler, or for that matter, blaming Chinese people for the actions of Mao.”

“Now, it’s easy to blame the refugees who are coming to Europe en masse,” continue the comedians, “but you have to understand that they are running away from the same people who are carrying out these attacks.”

“In all honestly, we’re the same people as you… We have the same hopes, dreams and ambitions as you.”