Govt has money for new BMW, but not electricity

ISLAMABAD: Teachers and doctors in Islamabad are out protesting on the streets, but the government has no time to address their problems, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf parliamentarian, Asad Umar said at a pre-election rally, Aaj News reported.

He said that the government could buy a BMW for Rs 22 billion, but could not provide basic rights to its labour, water and electricity to its people.

He was hinting at the two BMW cars worth Rs 119 million that the Prime Minister ordered for his fleet last year.

He said that the PTI has young blood, something which other parties lacked.

For the local bodies elections, he said, Imran Khan would monitor the performance of presiding officers personally.

He added that residents in the capital did not have access to clean water, but billions of rupees were spent to ensure security at Raiwand, the PM’s ancestral house.