Gilgit: Traffic mess by PM visit irks residents

GILGIT: As the Prime Minister arrived in the city on Tuesday, roads from the airport were blocked by tents resulting in a major traffic jam which irked commuters, Aaj News reported.

Several school children were unable to reach school.

The Prime Minister has reached Gilgit to attend the oath taking ceremony of governor Gilgit, Ghazanfar Ali.

After news of the road blockade was aired officials in the Gilgit government expressed their displeasure, and refused entry to the reporter from Aaj News to enter the ceremony.

At the oath taking ceremony the Prime Minister congratulated the governor. He said that in the past problems of the people of Gilgit were not paid attention to.

He announced plans of constructing highway from Gilgit to Skardu. “The highway will cost Rs 50 billion,” he said.


Breaking Date: 24-11-2015Breaking Is Gilgit :: Wazeer E Azam Nawaz Sharif Ka Dorah Gilgit Airport Ka Rasta Qanatain Laga Kar Sell Khabar Nashar Karny Per Intezamia Ka Aaj News Ky Numainy Sy Narazgi Ka Izhar……..( Reported By Abdulrahman )

Posted by AAJ Breaking News on Monday, 23 November 2015