Five facts to know about Ayyan Ali’s case

WEB DESK: Model Ayyan Ali has been indicted of currency smuggling by the custom courts. She made news every time she appeared in court for her proceedings.

The model has appeared 16 times in court before, but this is the first time she is officially being accused on smuggling half a million dollars abroad.

Earlier, Ayyan’s counsel, Sardar Latif Khosa had filed a plea stating that her client was sick and could not appear before the court.

Ali’s appeal for bail was rejected twice before Lahore High Court decided to give her bail.

Ayyan was asked to furnish two surety bonds of Rs 500,000 each to the jail authorities for her release.

In a statement recorded at the time of Ayan Ali’s detention, she said that she acquired the cash amount $500,000 through sale of her five files of Bahria Town properties through Messrs First Choice, a Dubai-based firm.

According to an official from Federal Board of Revenue’s Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation she doesn’t own any property in Bahria Town under her name.

The model was arrested at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport on the charge of trying to take over $0.5 million  abroad on March 10.

Ayan Ali submitted the deal papers for the sale of property to the court with the details of five plots and the exact amount of money which had been recovered by the customs staff (US $506,800) while she was leaving for Dubai. The details of the sale were written on the letter pad of an estate agency called ‘First Choice’