Five countries with very “‘low crime-rate”

WEB DESK: Crime hasn’t really been able to make much sense to us except for its ever increasing thirst for power and terror. And in this race of power many countries quite lost their humanity while some yet have been successful in minimizing the crime rate.
Here we present a list of five countries that record  lowest rate of criminal activities.
1. Japan

Japan boasts 86.89 safety rate variables which means it has only 13.1 variable of crime rate. The street crimes during day or night possess little or no threats about personal safety. Japan follows a European-style-structure in law enforcement. Police play a role of third-party-advisor to settle the quarrels and disputes.

2. Taiwan

Taiwan boasts 83.74 safety rate variables and has 16.3 variable of crime rate. Tourism is the major contributor to the Taiwan’s economy so the government made possible little or no threats to personal safety of citizens & tourist and deliver a safe and protected environment for the travelers.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an impressive variable of safety 83.43 and crime rate of 16.57. Constant police patrols ensure this city state is one of the safest places to be in the world. Their police force offers accessible tips for personal safety online, ensuring that those they protect are well informed on the best ways to act should they become the victim of a crime.
4. South Korea

It may be a surprise for you to hear that South Korea is among the safest country of the world having a safety variable of 82.6 but the country  is incredibly safe for both the citizens and travelers although relations between the North and South Korea remain tense along the border. Gun ownership in Korea is illegal except in certain circumstances and less than 0.01% of the population privately owns a gun.

5. U.A.E

This region is considered the “modern safe haven” in the Middle East. The U.A.E has numerous local laws and penalties which are considered harsh by western laws. It has a safety rate of 81.99 and crime rate of 18.01.