Diwali at Bigg Boss House

WEB DESK: The Diwali day started with the song “Happy Diwali” in the Bigg Boss house. The entire house was decorated with flowers and colorful  lights.

Rochelle described Mandana her dream that she was saw the previous night where she was celebrating Diwali with her family and a bunch of close friends.

While in the other room, Kishwar told Suyyash that Mandana is being obnoxious and she is looking for opportunities to pick a fight with the housemates.

Rochelle and Mandana are discussing how Kishwer, Prince and Suyyash have come to the Bigg Boss house for a paid holiday and are not concerned about anything else.

The festival of Diwali is incomplete without gifts and the contestants are longing for their share of gifts that are kept locked inside a chamber in the living room. But the housemates have to go through the ‘Double Trouble’ room decision making drill before they get their gifts. What follows is an emotional turmoil as the housemates open their gifts and miss their loved ones.

Later Bigg Boss calls Kishwer and Aman in the confession room and gives them a task to put together an entertaining and fun filled Diwali special event. The task is named ‘Bigg Boss Got Talent’ where the contestants are asked to showcase their talent through various acts and performances.

Rimi and Rochelle fire on the floor with their dance performances. Puneet and Suyyash compose a witty parody of every housemate and Aman and Rishabh do a stand-up act where Rishabh acts as a puppet while Aman acts as a puppeteer. Lastly, the day comes to an end with some fireworks in the sky.