Big Boss high on promises, low on Delivering

WEB DESK: Big Boss 9 hasn’t been able to deliver although they thought that their formula of making contestants fight will get them rating but this is also not working.

Now Bigg Boss has introduced this week’s luxury budget task which will have ex-Bigg Boss contestants making the contestants’ lives hell.

The Bigg Boss house has been converted into a 7-star hotel.

Mandana and Rishabh are the guests. Their task is to irritate three members of the house into giving up the game.

The guests are allowed to make any demand and the staff has to comply. Creating a lot of rifts and drama, this episode of Bigg Boss Double Trouble may be trouble for the staff team, but is full of entertainment for viewers.

The guests destroyed the toilet, converted Suyaash and Kishwer into dogs. Asked a vegetarian to cook chicken and much more.

In the next episode Prince will burst out in anger. And Rochelle and Keith will perform a sleazy dance in the pool.

Source: DNA