Adnan Sami finally breaks the silence

WEB DESK: Famous vocalist Adnan Sami finally broke the silence on his citizenship issue.

Pakistan’s interior ministry has passed orders to annul Adnan Sami’s passport as he is alleged of sending a disrespectful letter to the Pakistan’s High Commission in India but the singer has a different story to tell.

Sami brought forward his side of he story through a series of tweets.

The singer claims that he hasn’t sent any letter to the authorities apart from the form.

Earlier reports indicated that Sami had allegedly stated in a letter to the high commission that India was his home now and he did not need green passport anymore.

Sami has now thrown a challenge towards the Pakistani officials to present the letter they were referring to as an evidence.

Sami tweeted on Tuesday:

Pakistani officials issued a statement on Monday about the cancellation of Sami’s passport, on the pretext of the singer’s failure to meet the criterion mentioned in the country’s laws.

Pakistan officials denied the issuance of NOC to the singer stating that he had shown disrespect to his national identity.

According to reports, the officials were offended by a line written in the letter which Sami is alleged to have sent to Pakistan’s High Commission in India along with his passport.

According to them, Sami had disrespected the ‘sacred documents’ by saying, “I don’t need the green passport anymore. I have found my home in India.”

He has now been asked to submit an unconditional apology and follow the correct procedure in order to process his request for the certificate.

The story dates back to five months ago when the singer’s passport had expired, but Pakistani authorities refused to renew it. He then requested the Indian home ministry for exemption from deportation on humanitarian ground and was granted permission to stay in India for as long as he wishes to.