5 innovations in BMW’s latest luxury car

WEB DESK: There are people who love to keep updates about latest trends in fashion, then there are people who love to be updated on latest technology hacks and when these hacks are used in cars- — it is a roller coaster ride for car-tech lovers.

1. The BMW Display Key is a gorgeous FOB with a color-touch display and You don’t need any chords to recharge the key FOB’s display. There’s a wireless charging pad in the console.

2. The new 7 Series’ in-car system can be controlled with simple hand gestures.

3. Something we’ve never seen before: When in reverse, you can see a 360-degree view of your car and its surroundings in real time, the car is riddled with cameras.


4. The BMW 7 Series comes with its own tablet, called BMW Touch Command.

5. If you want a little more privacy, you can enable “sun protection” from the car’s BMW Touch Command tablet.

Source: Business Insider