Shahbaz for speedy completion of energy projects

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Friday said the government was determined to overcome energy crisis by end 2017.

Addressing a meeting to review the progress of various energy projects soon after his arrival from London, he said, the elimination of energy crisis was vital for rapid development of the country and keeping the industrial wheel moving. He said, all resources were being tapped for overcoming the energy crisis.

“Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of its history. The PML-N government was coping with the challenges facing the country through joint efforts and collective wisdom,” he added.

Shahbaz Sharif said, the Punjab government was working on projects of generating energy through coal, hydel, solar, bio-mass, bio-gas and other sources. He said, speedy and transparent completion of development projects was policy of the Punjab government and it was working on energy projects under the same strategy.

He said, “Work is continuing speedily on various energy projects and planning has been completed for generating 3,600 megawatts of electricity based on gas.”

The Chief Minister expressed the hope that sincere efforts of the government to resolve energy crisis would bear fruit, and the country would get rid of shortage of energy dearth.

Source: APP