NAB independent to curb corruption

ISLAMABAD: Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on Thursday said NAB is working with dedication to eliminate menace of corruption from the country.

Speaking as a chief guest at the concluding session of 4-day country’s review programme titled, “review of the implementation of United Nations convention against corruption”, he said NAB was working in a very conducive and independent environment to achieve targets in fight against menace of corruption.

Chairman NAB said Pakistan was committed and working hand in hand with international community in line with the UN convention to achieve goals and targets.

He said that NAB had resolved to check practices which were eating up our precious resources.

The Chairman said that corruption is a complex social and economic phenomenon that affects all countries. No society is immune to this challenge which continues to haunt the efforts towards ensuring equitable socio-economic development, establishing rule of law and provision of justice in societies.

He said corruption undermines democratic institutions, slows economic development and contributes towards political instability, avoidance the rule of law, discourages foreign direct investment and discourages healthy business environment. It is essential for prosperous Pakistan and whole world to cope up with this giant.

He said Pakistan is committed to United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in eradicating corruption in all its manifestations by implementing its articles through an intensive approach of Awareness, Prevention and Enforcement. He said that UNCAC has 177 members and it is an obligation on all the members to make their Anti-Corruption laws more strong for the eradication of corruption in the light of articles of UNCAC based on the recommendations of the reviewing experts.

He said the basic essence of Country Review of Pakistan is to improve the legislation for combating corruption and devise a mechanism for efficient and effective accountability, in addition to promote and review its implementation.

He said this is an ongoing learning process, which will help us to learn from the experiences of other member countries and their Anti-Corruption laws.

He said during this four day meaningful and exhaustive activity from September 7-10, foreign reviewers along with UNODC officials remained engaged with the local experts from all relevant departments and organizations of Pakistan regarding incorporation and implementation of the provisions of UNCAC to meet the parameters and objectives set forth in the convention.

He paid special thanks to Atle Roaldsoy (Reviewer from Norway), Derek Futaiasi (Reviewer from Solomon Island), Candice Welsch (UNODC) Vienna, Jennifer Marie Sarvary Bradford (UNODC) Vienna and all governmental experts of different departments who intensively participated in country review of Pakistan’s laws by UNODC.

He also felicitated Prosecutor General Accountability and Director of International Cooperation Wing of NAB for their marvelous supervision and contribution.

The Chairman called upon all segments of society, government functionaries, civil society, media, law enforcement agencies, religious leaders and public at large for support to curb corruption.

Source: APP