Billboards in North America to promote awareness about Muhammad(PBUH)

WEB DESK: A new billboard was spotted in North Jersey, US aiming to promote positive awareness about Muhammad (PBUH).

The billboard stated “Muhammad believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights” and includes a phone number and website for more information.

In North America, Islamic Circle of North America conducts a campaign to promote faith through education, social service and outreach. Putting message across through billboards is the part of its campaign.

It had added 30 billboards to the 80 it has already posted in cities across the United States. The goal is to raise awareness about the faith and to dispel myths about Muslim Americans, said Naeem Baig, the organization’s president to

“People are curious to know about the Prophet Muhammad,” Baig said. “They have many questions, and we are experiencing a surge in calls to our hotline and website visits since the billboards went up.”

The signs featured in cities as Austin, Boston, Denver, Miami, Milwaukee, Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle. In New York City, billboards are located near Kennedy International Airport and Times Square.

Some billboards feature other messages, like “Muhammad always taught love, not hate; peace, not violence” and “God does not judge by your face and wealth.”