68 arrested by police in an operation

PESHAWAR: In a joint operation of the police and officials of the security operation 68 suspected persons including a Afghan national arrested on Sunday in a joint crackdown in the provincial capital here.

The raids against allegedly suspected persons was started in the eve hours on Sunday in different localities of the provincial capital comprising Nasir Bagh and Matra, situated in the outskirt of the City and also recovered arms and ammunition from their hideout.

The search operation was actually continued soon after terrorists attack on Badabhar Camp attack. The police and officials of the law enforcing agencies have ladies police as well who searched door-to-door to those who help out the terrorists involved in the attack.

The officials of law enforcing agencies and police have also recovered five pistols, three rifles, two machine-gun and 100s of cater age. The arrested persons handed over to their respective police stations. Further investigation has already been started.

Source: APP