5 major terrorist attacks in Pakistan

Army Public School Attack Peshawar

The most recent Taliban attack in December 2014 was at the Army Public School in Peshawar which left at least 141 people, most of them children dead. The overwhelming majority of the victims were students at the school. The Pakistan Army reclaimed the school with all six attackers dead.Jinnah International Airport Karachi under attack

In June 2014, a five-hour attack by militants on the international airport in Karachi left 28 people, including 10 attackers, dead. Airport Security Forces regained control of the terminal. The attack started when gunmen disguised as Airport Security stormed the terminal after opening fire with machine guns and a rocket launcher.

Gunmen waged an extended firefight with security forces at Pakistan’s largest international airport before being killed. Credit Athar Hussain/Reuters

Attack at Naval Dockyard Karachi

In 2014, a terrorist attack on September 6 killed one sailor and two terrorists. Four militants were taken as captives at the Naval Dockyard in Karachi. Seven officers of the Navy were injured. Authorities did not say what group the militants belonged to and no one immediately claimed responsibility.

Statement claims target of the raid was a ‘US supply ship’ and that the dead attackers included former Pakistan Navy officers

PNS Mehran Terrorist Attack Karachi

In 2011, Pakistani Taliban fighters attacked the Mehran naval aviation base in Karachi. The assault lasted for 18 hours and killed 10 people. The attack destroyed two US-made surveillance planes. It is hailed as the worst assault on a military base since the army headquarters was besieged in October 2009.

Flames and smokes belches out from a Pakistani military air base after an attack by militants in Karachi on May 22, 2011. – Photo by AFP

Head Quarter under besiege in Rawalpindi

In 2009, 19 people, including two senior officers and eight militants, were killed during the attack in central Rawalpindi.

At least 42 hostages were held captive in a dramatic dawn raid ending a 22-hour militant assault on Pakistan’s military headquarters that had the army as it prepared for an offensive in the Taliban’s tribal stronghold.

Soldiers prepare to raid the army headquarters in Rawalpindi, where militants were holding 45 hostages. Photograph: Faisal Mahmood/Reuters