Warm welcome at Lahore: Imran to celebrate ‘legal victory’ today

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab Organiser Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar has said the party will welcome Chief Imran Khan in Lahore on Saturday (today) to celebrate the fall of the ruling party’s three wickets at Charing Cross with thousands of party workers and supporters.

He said Imran Khan would also deliver his historic address at Lalik Chowk from where the campaign for the vote audit in four constituencies had begun. He said PML-N should be ready to face defeat not only in by-elections but all elections to come as people had joined hands with Imran Khan. He said masses’ votes against the ruling party in by-elections would serve as a referendum against its corruption and anti-people policies.

Sarwar said PTI believed that the all four provincial election commissioners should be removed from their offices for the holding of free and fair elections. He was speaking to different delegations at his office on Friday. He also condemned the recent Indian firing on the Line of Control, saying India was re-tempting Pakistan and it was continuously violating the international laws. “The Indian aggression is meaningful. The prime minister must take appropriate action against this aggression rather than condemning Indian aggression verbally,” he said.

He then claimed that his party would never leave any election arena open for the PML-N but contest it with full force. He said Lahorites were ready to accord warm welcome to their leader Imran Khan to celebrate its legal win over the ruling party’s fake-mandate government. He said the ruling party was still day dreaming despite knowing that it was implementing anti-people policies for the past two-and-a-half years and people had been pushed against the wall and wanted to get rid themselves from the ruling party’s rule.

He said PTI’s demand for removing four provincial election commissioners was strengthening and the Election Commission of Pakistan would be forced to accept this genuine demand. Otherwise, he said, his party would be forced to go for another sit-in outside the ECP’s offices. He said his party would continue its struggle for its constitutional, political and democratic rights and would be ready for any kind of sacrifice.

source: Business Recorder