Turkey’s 100% ‘Halaal’ cruise ship

WEB DESK: Turkey made a 100% Halaal ship keeping in consideration the demands of Islamic travelers.

According to Turkey’s government news agency Anadolu, Halaah ship will start sailing from late September. The ship has a set of segregated facilities for men and women like Turkish bathing tubs and segregated sports places.

While sailing through Aegean Sea, the ship will not serve alcohol and gambling will not be allowed. This ship will also not cater to foods containing beacon or any prohibited food item.

Decorations on the ships are in accord with Islamic principles. “The ship doesn’t carry any paintings as it is in opposition to Islamic principles’’ said the project manager of the company.”

Company’s general Manager assured that it will not only be a gambling and alcohol free ship but it will be rich with cultural heritage and it will be a historic experience with social interaction at ease.

Turkey is progressing in the field of Halaah tourism. In order to flourish it further the ventures are keeping Islamic principles in accord like female-only beaches and swimming pools.

Source: BBC