Tribunal issues note on delay in NA-122 case announcement

LAHORE: The Election Tribunal comprising Justice (retd) Kazim Ali Malik Monday issued an explanatory note over delay in announcement of NA-122 case verdict.

Responding to analysts’ criticism on delay in announcement,the tribunal said that after the concluding arguments, the counsel were informed that a detailed decision would be issued rather than the short order.

“No specific time was set for the announcement of the verdict and it was settled that the counsel would be called through phone for announcement before one or two hours”,the tribunal added.

The tribunal said that if the decision was dictated four or five days earlier, then it meant that the court staff were briefed about outcome before four or five days of announcement.

“In court matters, the decision maker hold his verdict in mind and the court officials like other people are briefed on the judgement day,” it added.

The tribunal noted that 80-page detailed verdict with correct figures could not be completed in minutes or hours.

“The analysts should first read the verdict and then comment how much time is required for dictating such a decision,” the tribunal observed.