The Wolfpack:Seven siblings locked in a Manhattan apartment for 14 years

WEB DESK: A documentary The Wolfpack reveals that a father kept his seven children in virtual isolation for 14 years in Manhattan apartment.

The documentary was directed by Crystal Moselle. She meet the six brother for the first time walking on the streets of Manhattan lower east with long-hair, sporting sunglasses and fashionably attired in black suits.

She dug for their story and found out to her shock that six brothers and one sister spent 14 years of their lives locked in an apartment with only 5 thousand films to teach them about the world outside the apartment walls.

According to the documentary The WolfPack, they were home-schooled by their fear-for-outside-world father. Even after the social lapse they seem to be well adjusted by the gap.
They have created their own costumes and props and have re-enacted films like Casablanca, The Godfather, No Country for Old Men and Pulp Fiction.


They claimed to have never left their apartment in Winter and allowed for sometime in summers. “We felt that my father overdid it,” one of the brothers explains on camera. “He was a little too worried about New York.

The brothers explained that their father suffered from a superiority complex. They live in fear of him and when they grow older he had less control over their lives. This is when they break out from the apartment to interact with the outside world on their own.
On its premier, The Wolfpack took the U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Source: BBC