The other side of designer Tabassum Mughal’s scandal

by Aruba Adil

KARACHI: The other side of designer Tabassum Mughal’s story appeared on social media, hours after the first post alleging her of beating up a client appeared. It claimed that Tabassum was innocent.

Late on Sunday evening, Tabassum Mughal was accused of beating up a lady customer upon asking for refund when the designer couldn’t meet the deadline. This painted Tabassum as a vicious business woman but when a retired army officer tried to help the oppressed and reached Tabassum’s  Residence with police and arrest warrant, he came to know that it was actually the customer who started hitting the female staff in the first place.

Late on Sunday, Marium Waqar wrote a post which created uproar on social media against the designer and led people to form a page ‘Bring Tabassum Mughal to justice’. Here is what the post says:

“Hi everyone, this happened with my best friend. Please share it as much as you can.

She had ordered her Barat and Valima outfits at Tabassum Mughal. The outfits weren’t being showed to her even though she’s 2 weeks away from her wedding. Finally in the past 2 weeks they showed the outfits and they were completely off.

“The measurements were haywire and the colors and ‘kaam’ were hideous. My friend got really mad and told off the girls and the manager there. Tabassum, meanwhile had disappeared and didn’t come in contact at all, even though my friend demanded to speak to her because she had taken the order.

“Countless times, the designer’s manager misbehaved, only verbally and said that no such brief was given but still they’d make changes. Finally today my friend’s mother went to pick up the dresses cuz today was the delivery date. They refused to give the dresses to her. Her mother got furious and started yelling and demanded to call Tabassum.

“Upon this shouting, Tabassum and her manager appeared and Tabassum instructed her manager to beat the woman up. In short, 4 men and Tabassum kicked, punched and slapped my friend’s mother and threw her out of the house saying that “people who travel in rickshaws don’t deserve to shop at Tabassum Mughal

“This woman is heavily bruised and bleeding in places. I’m appalled by the behavior of Tabassum Mughal. Extremely disappointed. The dresses that cost 8.5 lac rupees have cost a woman her respect.”

According to Hira Haroon, when she heard the story of the alleged assault and bad customer behavior she decided to help the oppressed by managing to get the FIR lodged in the Boat Basin police station with the help of her retired army officer father late at night on Sunday.

“Like most of you, I was shocked and felt bad for the lady who got beaten up. So I spoke to my dad (who is a Retired Major in Army) and we decided to help them,” wrote Haroon in her Facebook post.

Maryam Waqar, posted the assault incident in a group called ‘soul sisters’. It is from the group ‘Soul sister’ Haroon came to know about the assault incident. She contacted Waqar to get access to the concerned party which she provided.

She claimed that she personally talked to the Shagufta Noor’s daughter, Abeeha, whose wedding dresses her mother went to pick up and asked her to contact her father. After the FIR was lodged, Mughal was to be arrested the next day, According to Haroon’s post.

Part two continued

But, when Haroon’s father reached the house of the designer with an arrest warrant, he came to know the flip side of the story.

“A few months ago, Shagufta Noor (the mother) went to Tabassum Mughal to order three dresses for her daughter’s wedding. One for the nikkah, the other for the shaadi and last one for the Valima. The client wanted the Nikkah dress to be green on which Tabassum suggested her a pink color since her daughter had a slightly darker tone.

“So after the dress was made, it was a slightly a darker shade of green (which I agree was the designer’s fault) Shagufta and her daughter started screaming at her on which Mughal asked them to pick any dress of their choice from her collection or take the refund (in-cheque) but they refused and demanded cash payment on the spot which was not possible for her at that time. (Also take note, that only single dress went wrong, but she demanded refund for all three dresses)Then the argument started.

“The mother took off her shoe and hit one of lady staff members upon which the manager came to stop the quarrel. But, it got worst and both the parties started beating each other (keeping in mind, the mother was NOT alone there; her husband and son were a part of it too),” Haroon post states.

When the police arrested the manager at Tabassum’s studio, they proposed negotiations to solve the matter rather than taking it to the police station.

Hira Haroon claims in her post later that she was not present at the negtiaotions she knows entire details through an Investigation officer Raja Khalid in investigation office, Boat Basin.

Abeeha’s family demanded double the amount for taking the case back. Later, the parties agreed on accepting 5.5 lacs as compensation which was given to her on the spot and the case was solved.

Facebook post

“I agree with you all that money cannot compensate for that, BUT it was her decision!” said Haroon.

She claimed that the marks shown in the viral pictures are edited and fake, According to the police.

Maryam Waqar replied against her post that Hira’s father allegedly blackmailed the family into accepting the compensation.

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The other side of designer Tabassum Mughal’s scandal by Aaj News


The other side of designer Tabassum Mughal’s scandal (2) by Aaj News