Stray dogs pose threat to residents

ISLAMABAD: Mounting number of stray dogs in various residential sectors has alarmed different segments of scoiety in federal capital no matter if the city masters enjoy a sound sleep oblivious to masses suffering.

A large number of stray dogs could be witnessed on city roads whatever the time it is, making it difficult for residents especially kids and padestrians to roam around freely. Whether, it is a market, a play ground or streets, one comes across these dogs who can harm residents any time at any place.

Main areas of their presence are G-7, G-6, I-9 and I-10 and it is seldom seen that those responsible make efforts to chase or cage them.

The citizens say that they are forced to restrict roam freely, walking in the morning or at night or continue other activites. It is also risky when the kids play in parks or open areas in the sectors.

Talking to this news agency, they said it seems that the department concerned of the civic body is in deep slumber and waiting for some tragedy to strike.

Tahir, a resident of sector I-10 said he often comes late night from office and the dogs make it difficult for him to reach his home. “I keep on changing my route to reach home at night just to avoid these beasts. Sometime I have to walk half a kilometer to doge them,” he said.

Women and children are frequent victims of the dog bite, said Abbas, another resident of the same sector.

He said the department concerned is seemed indifferent to the problem as it was taking no action despite repeated complaints by the residents.

Ikram Khan, who lives in sector G-7 said the group of stray dogs appears in his area as soon as the night falls creating trouble for pedestrians.

When contacted, an official of CDA said dog shooter teams of authority were doing their job effectively to kill these dogs on the complaints of citizens.

He, however added that their is no mechanism to stop these animals entering into the city from the surrounding areas.

He claimed the number of dog bite incident had decreased in Islamabad due to frequent campaigns launched by the authority against stray dogs.

Source: APP