Skin,hair diseases on rise among women due to use of substandard cosmetics

HYDERABAD: The skin and hair diseases among women are on rise as a result of frequent use of substandard cosmetic products which are available in local markets without any certification from authorities concerned.

The owners of the cosmetic shops are earning high profit by selling substandard and non-recommended cosmetics particularly bleaching products and ointments to female with different ages.

These cosmetic products are being imported from neighboring countries by the profiteers without realizing the side effects as a result of using such substandard and non recommended products, said eminent dermatologist and consultant Dr. Dharam Deve Rathi when approached by APP with query about the reason of increasing skin and hair diseases.

The women have developed phenomena of making their skin fair with
healthy hairs which forced them to use cosmetic products irrespective of the fact that whether these products are suitable for their skin and hairs or not, he said and alleged that they are inspired with the advertisements of non branded companies being telecast at different television channels with guarantee that the use of these products can made them more beautiful with fair skin and healthy hairs with minimum time.

More than half of the adult women are using bleaching products, he said
and added that many skin diseases observed in bleaching products users appeared to be induced, aggravated or modified by this practice. Superpotent topical glucocorticoids appeared to be the main agents responsible for the observed complications, he said.

He pointed out that cosmetic use of bleaching products therefore has
a major impact on our current dermatological practice.

Due to high prices of branded cosmetic products, he said that majority of women have no choice except to purchase non branded products which usually grip them in skin and hairs diseases instead to provide required results.

These non-certified and unbranded cosmetic products are easily available in cosmetic shops, which have mushroom growth as a result of high earning of profits from these products.

The owners of these cosmetic shops can earn profit with margin of 200
to 300 percent as compared to certified and branded products which provides them seven to ten percent profit, he said and added that it is the main reason that shopkeepers prefers to sale non certified and unbranded cosmetic products.

Dr. Dharam Dev Rathi suggested the women should avoid becoming
influence with the advertisement as use of such non-certified and unbranded cosmetic products can only increase complications in their skins and hairs instead to settle their issues.