Sindh Police’s clarify media report on CCTV footage

KARACHI: A spokesman of the Sindh police here on Friday while clarifying a media report said that the CCTV footage of the attack on Rasheed Godil was not of the surveillance cameras installed by the Sindh police instead cameras installed privately.

He further stated that there are three types of cameras installed at various points in the metropolis.

These, the spokesman added, consist of Sindh police’s CCTV cameras, City District Government Karachi’s cameras and the cameras installed by residents or on private basis.

He said that in the first phase in year 2012 some 775 cameras were installed at 155 points in the city under Sindh Police Camera System Network.

In the second phase 2,000 cameras are being installed at 400 places in the metropolis which would cover the entire city and strengthen the monitoring system.

The spokesman said that there is no truth in the news that cameras are being purchased at higher prices or were purchased at exorbitant rates in the first phase.