Senate strongly condemns Kasur child abuse scandal

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Monday strongly condemned the Kasur child abuse scandal adopting a resolution unanimously after suspending normal business of the day.

Nasreen Jalil, mover of the resolution, said that this was a heinous crime and the culprits should be awarded exemplary punishment.

She asked to forward the resolution to Functional Committee on Human Rights to make a mechanism for dealing with such issues in future.

Before forwarding the resolution to the committee, Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani said the committee could propose to establish a commission to deal with all sorts of child issues, including child labour, child pornography and child abuse as Pakistan had already signed an international charter for the protection of child rights.

He said the committee could also propose amendments in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) regarding child offences.

Condemning the Kasur incident, Leader of the House Raja Muhammad Zafrul Haq said it was a good idea to refer the resolution to the committee concerned so that it could make a solid strategy to deal with such issues on permanent basis.

Criticizing the district management over the issue, Ilyas Ahmed Bilour proposed to forward the case to a military court for speedy trial while Rubina Khalid termed it as a collective failure.

Farhatullah Babar said it should be sorted out who was protecting the culprits behind the scene for last seven years.

Kalsoom Parveen pointed out the 2004 Rawalpindi Cyber Cafe case in which the culprits did not get any stern punishments.

She urged the government to ensure an exemplary punishment to the culprits of Kasur incident so that such crimes should not be repeated in future.

Sassui Palijo, Azam Sawati and Mohsin Aziz also spoke on the issue as the chairman clubbed the same type of resolutions moved by them.