Terrorist planning to sabotage August 14 celebrations arrested

WEB DESK: Security Forces have arrested a foreign sponsored gang and blocked a terrorist plan to sabotage August 14 celebrations in Karachi, Aaj News reported.

Some high value targets including Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat chapter Naib Amir, Bakhat Zaman have been detained in Karachi.

According to a statement by the ISPR, the terrorists had been planning for some time and had prepared an explosive laden vehicle and a motor cycle which they were to use on Independence Day.

The statement further said that during interrogation detained terrorists confessed that vehicles were arranged from Karachi and they were waiting for suicide bombers who had to arrive from Afghanistan and Amir of TTP Swat chapter in Karachi had gone to Afghanistan for the same purpose.

After the tip off, security agencies continued surveillance of the group for weeks before the operation was simultaneously launched on 9th August in Hyderabad and Karachi to arrest culprits. Explosive laden Hi Roof and motor cycle have also been recovered.