Salman Khan thanks Edhi for taking care of Geeta

WEB DESK: Salman Khan thanked the Edhi Foundation for taking care of Geeta for past seven years in a press conference held today.

According to NDTV, Salman said he wasn’t clear about Geeta’s history but did know that nobody from her family in India had come forward to claim her. “We should thank the NGO in Pakistan (Edhi Foundation which has looked after Geeta all these years) for supporting her and giving her a good life. We should respect the fact that they have kept an Indian there for such a long time,” Salman said.

He also said that Geeta should be looked after well once she’s brought back to India. “She must be having her own family and friends there. We should make sure her life out here is a lot better than it was there, otherwise phir point kya hai?” the actor said

Last week, Bajrangi Bhaijaan director Kabir Khan told the press that they were trying to spread Geeta’s story. Salman said that there was little else that they could do. “The government is looking into it and I think they are very competent people. For us to try and find out ke maa baap kaun hai would be difficult. Galat maa baap tak pahunch jaati then she would be unhappy with us so let the government take care,” he said, adding that he’d be happy to meet Geeta if she so wanted.