“Salman and I are ready to help Geeta”

WEB DESK: The story has finally spread. Kabir Khan, director of Bollywood block buster Bajrangi Bhaijaan in press conference has promised to help bring Geeta home, Indian newspaper DNA reported.

“We came to know of Geeta’s case just two days before and it was extremely surprising. There are far too many resemblances, little girl, who can’t speak, lost across the border. So, when I received calls from newspapers and channels, I thought we should talk about it.

“If we can help in any way to bring attention to it, to spread more information across newspapers and channels, then it’d be really good for the case,” he said at a press conference here in Mumbai.

Kabir Khan also said that Salman Khan was also surprised hearing about the story. “He too said the same thing that we should talk about it through tweets and other mediums. Because our film is still running in the theatres and has been successful, so if we use this platform to talk about the case, then this news will spread farther.”

Kabir is also gratified by the fact that the electronic media has been used to pitch Geeta’s case in exactly the same way as shown in his film. “It was when Geeta’s case was televised that we got to know there is a real-life Bajrangi Bhaijaan happening,” DNA reported.

The director is deeply impressed by the secular upbringing imparted to Geeta in Pakistan. “Her foster parents have allowed her to pray in a temple. Geeta remains a Hindu while doing the Namaaz with her foster-siblings. It is an amazing story,even more heartwarming than what we’ve shown in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.”

Kabir is all for uniting Geeta with her relatives in India. “Salman and I are ready to help Geeta but where are her relatives? Where in India is she from? She points to both Jharkhand and Telangana on the map. But does she really know where she comes from?”

Geeta, lost her family at a pooja mela near the Indian border and crossed over to Pakistan by mistake. A Pakistani Rangers official handed her to the Edhi Centre in Lahore. She was later transferred to a women shelter run by Edhi in Karachi.

Geeta’s case has received renewed after Bollywood movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan hit the screens.

The movie starring Salman Khan tells the story of a mute Pakistani girl who crosses the border into India. She meets Salman, who vows to return her to her family, and risks his life doing so.