Reforms key to country’s progress: Ahsan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal on Monday said reforms were critical for country’s progress.

Chairing a workshop on implementation of Vision-2025, the minister expressed the hope that the ministries would achieve green and red scores on implementation of Vision-2025.

He said that quarterly reports on implementation of goals would be submitted to Prime Minister based on performance of ministries.

The minister said all pillars of Vision-2025 address Sustainable Development Goals, which are critical to lay foundation for a healthy and balanced development of the country.

The minister urged for running faster than the front runners to catch up with the world as we are already lagging behind.

He particularly mentioned the sit-in of last year immediately after launching of Vision-2025 on August 11, 2014 saying that the negative turn of events eclipsed the focus and momentum of from development to negativity.

He said Vision-2025 is a consensus document which was approved by all the provinces after a broad consultation conducted to formulize this document.

Emphasizing the need for development of human resource, which is key for inclusive and sustainable growth Ahsan Iqbal said that holistic approach is needed for HR development by synergizing the efforts on education, health, nutrition,population etc.

He called for reforming the national curriculum to nurture critical thinking, creativity and innovation skills, which is the essence of knowledge.

He stressed the need for speedy implementation of project of National Curriculum Council to design a curriculum compatible with the changing requirements in 21st century and system of examination system in accordance with requirements of new curriculum.

“We have to create world class education system to survive in new knowledge revolution age. Government launched innovate initiatives with highest funding for education related programmes”,he added.

He called for seizing the opportunity CPEC and positive perception of country internationally offered to nation by creating positivity inside the country because negativity being spread continuously has serious implications for Pakistan.