Qingqi rickshaw drivers protest ban

LARKANA: Qingqi Rickshaw drivers launched a protest against the ban on the three wheel drive and demanded that the government give them an alternate source of income, Aaj News reported.

“We are poor people and the government has left us unemployed,” a protester told Aaj News.

After a ban on Qingqi Richshaws by the Sindh High Court this week, the dangerous three wheelers have been off the streets.

Despite being a dangerous means of transport– the ride is popular among the public because of its affordability and availability. Buses in Sindh are packed to the brim– and people generally don’t find a seat.

However, the qingqi rickshaw is unregistered and its drivers are often underage.

Despite, the ban in Sindh, the Qingqi rickshaw is plying the streets of Lahore.

“The ride is dangerous, but it gets us to places in Rs20,” a passenger told Aaj News.

“We drive these dangerous rides to earn a few bucks. I used to work in a hotel for Rs300 a day. Driving a Qingqi gets me Rs500 a day,” said a driver.