PPP takes strong exception to Indian aggression against Pakistan

KARACHI: Members of National Assembly, belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party in a joint statement have taken strong exception to Indian aggression against Pakistan for past several days.

MNAs Aftab Shaban Mirani, Naveed Qamar and Nawab Yousaf Talpur condemning Indian approach said penetration of two Indian choppers into the Pakistani territory the other day is also beyond comprehension,

Moreover, frequent instances of unprovoked and indiscriminate firing into Pakistani side, along the boundary line, leaving several of the Pakistanis injured with many of them martyred is neither justifiable nor acceptable, they said.

The MNAs said the United Nations’ Secretary General, Baan Ki Moon had only recently expressed his grave concern on growing tension between the two countries yet India under its hegemonisitic ambitions appeared to be absolutely indifferent.

This, they said is despite the fact that UN Secretary General had urged upon the countries on both sides that they should resolve their issues through dialogue.

“Sadly India appears to be bent upon waging a war with Pakistan ignoring the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear power and the entire nation is standing with the brave Pak Army to foil any bid of adventure,” said the PPP MNAs.

They said India should realize that there is always a limit and in case it does not stop violating international protocols and continue to target innocent Pakistani civilians then must face the music.

Source: APP