PPP Senator Taj Haider to move SHC against ban on Qingqis

KARACHI: General Secretary, Pakistan Peoples Party, Sindh chapter, Senator Taj Haider has decided to submit an appeal before the Sindh High Court (SHC) to reconsider its decision regarding ban on three-wheelers [Qingqis] across the province.

In a statement issued on Sunday the PPP leader said thousands of people have been deprived of their source of earning while citizens in general are also faced with great difficulties due to absence of an otherwise easily accessible transport facility.

Agreeing that safety measures were ignored by manufacturers or assemblers of three-wheeler and that drivers of these also used to transport optimum number of passengers from one place to another, he said safety measures needed to be suggested and imposed.

“It was rightly pointed out that overloaded Qingqis had become unsafe means of transport because of drivers’ negligence but abrupt ban was perhaps not the solution as it has created new and complicated problems for common people,” said Senator Taj Haider.

He mentioned that Sindh Transport Department with the help of NED Engineering University had already recommended safety measures tools for these three-wheelers and that Sindh government has also received legal draft for implementation of safety measures.

“Instead of banning them completely, it would be better to give six-months’ time to drivers and their owners to adopt tools recommended as safety measures,” he suggested.

The senator said overloading by concerned drivers must be banned while rules related to speed limit, stops and routes must be urgently developed with provision for their strict implementation.

Source: APP