PM vows early rehabilitation of flood affected people

ISAKHEL (MIANWALI): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said the government would spend an amount of Rs 1.30 billion to protect the Mianwali area from devastating hill torrents that cause wide spread damage.

Addressing a gathering of the flood affected people he said the government would utilise all resources for the early rehabilitation of the flood affected people.

The Prime Minister who was on a daylong visit to the affected areas had an aerial view of the affected area.

He visited the relief camps and handed over food and relief goods amongst the displaced.

He said an estimated Rs 1.30 billion would be spent on managing the hill torrents that cause havoc in the area. He also announced an amount of Rs 200 million for water supply scheme for Isakhel.

The Prime Minister directed Chief Minister Punjab to expedite work on projects to protect the area from flash floods. He said the government would provide funds and a number of embankments would be constructed to divert the flood waters.

He said new dams, that would cost a huge amount, need to be built to prevent flooding in future.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told the gathering of the flood affected people said he was saddened to see the damages caused by rains and hill torrents and prayed to Allah Almighty to keep everyone safe. He said the compensation for those who lost their lives was in no way a replacement of the precious lives lost, but was meant to help their families.

He said the China Pakistan Economic Corridor would pass through Mianwali and help bring about a major change in the lives of the masses. He said not only it would generate employment, but also open up new avenues for progress and development.

He said Pakistan today was in a much better economic condition and was being able to handle the situation. He said the floods this year were far less in intensity than the ones in 2010 and was appreciative of the role of National Disaster Management Authority and other departments and organisations for flood relief and rehabilition. He said the government was fully prepared and has been able to handled it well.

The Prime Minister asked the officials concerned to ensure that the electricity infrastructure was strong enough to withstand flooding in future.

Earlier, DCO Mianwali in his briefing informed that heavy rains in the area caused seven deaths, 2345 people evacuated to safe places, 1535 mud houses and 1157 pukka houses were damaged, 45 villages and a population of 55,000 affected, 12924 acres of crop land also besides damage to roads, bridges and electricity services.

Around 9800 ration bags have so far been distributed, while 2214 tents provided for shelter amongst the displaced and 11 Relief Camps were set-up.

He was informed that a payment of Rs 0.5 million to each of those who lost their lives has already been made.

Associated Press of Pakistan