PHF expresses thanks to inter provincial coordination ministry

LAHORE: Pakistan Hockey Federation has expressed its gratitude to the Inter Provincial Coordination Ministry and the National Assembly for informing the nation about the Rs. 436,267,343 grant given to them by the Federal Government during the last five years.

The PHF also desires to add that in 2014-2015, the Punjab Government was kind enough to help the Federation with a sum of Rs. 100 million, said Secretary, PHF Rana Mujahid here on Tuesday.

“The PHF hope that the critics who have been blaming that the Federation had looted billions of rupees must correct themselves and realize their mistake”, he said.

He said the PHF also regrets for not qualifying for the Olympics-2016 owing to different reasons. “However, during last two years Pakistan hockey team played three finals – Asian Games – Asian Champions Trophy “World Champions Trophy which is a distinction indeed amid shortage of funds”, he added.

Source: APP